The Best Upgrades for Mini Maglites 2AA and 2AAA

The Best Upgrades for Mini Maglites 2AA and 2AAA

While we love our old trusty C and D model Maglites they can be quite hefty to carry around. Maglite knew this and started making the 2AA and 2AAA mini flashlights which we love just as much.

The problem with many of the older Maglites both large and small is their poor performance compared to the newer flashlights of todays time. This is how our business was started and why we continue to make better upgrades.

We now carry a full range of upgrades for the 2AA Mini and 2AAA Mini Maglites. Our Super Dimmable LED Bulbs are the best we have to offer and the performance gains over factory output is pretty astounding if you ask us.

*Pictured below are the factory bulb, our 104 lumen upgrade, and our Super Dimmable 180 lumen upgrade.

We offer two different LED upgrades for the 2AA. Our 104 lumen upgrade is pictured in the middle and our Super Dimmable 2AA LED Bulb is on the right which produces over 1,200% more light over stock with an output of 180 lumens. For reference the factory bulb produces a mere 16 lumens. Our super bulb is also dimmable with each power cycle to preserve battery life and offers ~65 lumens on this mode.

*Pictured below is our 2AAA 130 lumen upgrade vs the factory bulb.

Our Super 2AAA LED Bulb offers up to 1,300% more light over the factory bulb with its 130 lumen output. It is also dimmable with each power cycle to offer a battery saving mode. We also offer a 61 lumen LED upgrade is still quite a bit brighter than factory. 

*Pictured below is our 2AAA tail-cap switch

All of our bulbs pair very nicely with a tail-cap switch which we offer for both models of mini mags. The benefit of the tail-cap switch is one handed operation and that you can set and forget your light focus. Meaning you only have to focus your mini mag once and no longer need to focus it each time you turn the light on.

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