Litt Stik Ultra


The Litt Stik Ultra is twice the size of a Litt Stik Mini and measures in at 10 inches . It produces over 400 true lumens and is not just any cheap flashlight. Built with a strong polycarbonate housing and quality electrical components, Litt Stik Ultra delivers exceptional quality and versatility. The Litt Stik Ultra also features a Glow in the dark button, so that you can see where to switch the light on in the darkest situations. It can also charge your phone with its high capacity 5200mah rechargeable battery. There are 3 different modes that are incorporated which are bright white, low white, and flashing white. The Litt Stik can also float in water and can be submerged 33 feet. The Ultra attaches to all Litt Stik mounts making it the most versatile light in the world.

Light: White
CRI: 85+
Max lumens: 400LM
Max Power: 3.5W
Color Temperature: 5700K 
Length: 10"
Certification: CE, ROHS, IP68
Battery: 5200mAh
Charge Time: 4 Hours
Working Time: 5 hrs High White
                    40 hrs low White
                    60 hrs Strobe White  

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