The Best LED Conversion / Upgrade for C or D Model Maglites

The Best LED Conversion / Upgrade for C or D Model Maglites

If you are here then you are most likely like us and believe that the quality and craftsmanship of an old Maglite really doesn't compare to other flashlights on the market. ThisĀ belief is was the seed that led us to start modifying our Maglites.

Over time we found that many others were like us and wanted the same. This is how Litt Industries began and grew to where we are today.

We have been manufacturing LED upgrades for Maglites for over 8 years and our designs have progressed over the years to keep up with the latest LED technology.

We have finally come to the point where we believe that this is the Ultimate LED upgrade bulb for Maglites with adjustable focus and the whole lot.

Our "supreme beam" is easy to install, retains the focusing ability that Maglite is famous for, saves battery life, and all at a reasonable cost. The bulb itself has the retaining collar built in to the bulb. This lowers the LED in the parabolic reflector for more precise focusing, and a better head sink.Ā 

LITT Ultimate LED Upgrade for C & D Model Maglites 600+ Lumens

The LED or "light emitting diode" produces over 600+ actual lumens of light resulting in a 1,300% increase over the original incandescent bulb. The result is a truly impressive spot light.Ā 

We are currently accepting pre-orders while we nail down production. We expect to ship bulbs in January due to material delays.



  • Steve Fryer

    Just upgraded 2 of my vintage Mag lights, a blue 3 cell and a red 5 cell. I am stoked at the difference the 350 lumens bulb makes with the old Mag lights! How did we ever live with the standard bulbs of the past? Thank you for making my old lights current! Its great to have them back in service! Looking forward to that 600 Lumen bulb that you are working on.

  • Timothy Krohn

    I recently purchased an LED upgrade for my 4 battery Mag-Lite and couldnā€™t be more impressed. The flashlight is so bright that when I turned it on I was looking at the light and was blinded and saw spots afterwards. Fantastic purchase.

  • Litt Industries

    Hi Bruce,

    Thank you for your business! The dark circle you are describing is most likely due to your Maglite not being focused correctly. To focus the beam: 1) Twist the head clockwise until the it bottoms out on the flashlight body. 2) Turn the light on and start twisting the head counter clockwise until the desired beam is achieved.

    Hope this helps!

  • Bruce Cook

    I just purchased and installed your Maglight LED upgrade and now I have a big dark circle in the middle of the beam. What did I do wrong?

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