The Best Lock N Ride Anchors for Polaris RZR

The Best Lock N Ride Anchors for Polaris RZR


If you have a RZR you most likely use or will be using lock n ride anchors to hold down your gear in the bed. They are needed to lock down our cooler mounts or RIGID toolbox mounts but can be used for a number of different applications.

The issue with most lock n rides on the market is that they are all the same basic rubber expansion plug design. To be honest they simply allow for too much movement and don't provide a good enough base to anchor anything to securely. 

That's why we refuse sell expansion plug type anchors and designed an entirely new system. We called it "The Stud" because that's exactly what it provides. A solid mounting point to give you piece of mind knowing that your tools and adult beverages won't be catapulted out of the bed.

Here's what it looks like installed:

Litt Industries "The Stud" Lock N Ride Anchors

"The Stud" only needs to be installed once. After that, you get a stud-that-stays which you can use to mount our cooler and/or toolbox mounts easily and securely.

The components of "The Stud" are molded from glass infused nylon which is extremely strong and we can guarantee will be more solid than any rubber expansion lock n ride on the market.


We also sell our six-shooter billet anchor knob which is compatible with "the stud" for those who use tie-downs or just like the looks! 

Click here for Billet Knobs.

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