Best Way to Mount Rigid / Milwaukee Packout Tool Box in a Polaris RZR XP / Turbo / Turbo S

Rigid Toolbox Mounts for Polaris RZR / XP / Turbo - Made in the USA

RIGID Toolbox:

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Heavy Duty Rigid Toolbox Mount

Light Duty Rigid Toolbox Mount

22 Inch Rigid Toolbox

Scroll to the bottom of this page for information on our Milwaukee Packout Mount System.

So you started by looking for a good way to carry your tools with you in your RZR?

Like most of us you've decided that the Rigid toolbox is the best value option available. Now you're looking for the best way to mount your brand new toolbox?

We were in the same boat just a few months ago and started searching around for options. What we found was a few different styles ranging from ratchet straps to drill and bolt in ear type mounts. We even saw a complex DIY rail contraption that was titillating but expensive and heavy.

Little else to say other than we weren't sold on what we found online. This is why we got to work on designing a secure and easy-to-use mount that could easily be removed.

We came up with two different options. A light duty mount which uses one lock n ride anchor per side and a heavy duty mount which utilizes two lock n ride anchors per side (or four total.)

Our light duty mounts offer a secure hold on the box but does surrender a bit of movement when knocked around harshly. Our heavy duty mounts on the other hand are very solid and didn't move at all during our tests.


Light Duty Mount: 


Heavy Duty Mount: 


Either of our mounts come with oversized feet and hardware to add to the bottom of the toolbox for it to clear the sides of the RZR bed. Our feet are actually spec'd to be tall enough and handle the weight of tools unlike many others we've seen on the market.

 Litt Industries RIGID Toolbox Mount with Feet

To install the feet, four holes will need to be drilled in the locations shown above using a 7/32" or similar sized drill bit. All hardware and written instructions are included with every set of mounts.

The mounts are designed to press in and down on the box. To install it you will need the lid of the box open, press the mount into the side of the box and onto the lock n ride bolt to secure it in place.

The tool box goes at the very back of the bed (towards the front of the vehicle) and can be used in conjunction with any of our cooler mounts which go towards the front of the bed (towards the rear of the RZR.)


You can purchase our light duty RIGID mounts by clicking here.
For our heavy duty RIGID mounts click here.
For the 22 inch RIGID toolbox click here
For our cooler mounts click here.


Milwaukee Packout Toolboxes:

Milwaukee Packout Toolbox Mount for Polaris RZR XP / XP4 / 1000 / Turbo / Turbo S - Litt Industries

To be honest we may have went a bit overboard designing our Milwaukee packout mount. We packed as many useful features as we could into our system while trying to keep the cost down. 

What we ended up with is a two part system that allows you to maximize the amount of useful space in your RZR. 

1) The fist option is our Top Shelf Packout mount that puts the toolboxes fairly high up in the bed. This is to allow for enough room to still utilize a cooler. 

Milwaukee Packout Toolbox Mount for Polaris RZR XP / XP4 / 1000 / Turbo / Turbo S

2) The add on option is our lower shelf which allows you to add more toolboxes underneath for additional storage space. We also included cutouts on the side of the mount which allows you to zip tie up to two spare CVT belts on either side.

Milwaukee Packout Toolbox Mount Lower Tray for Polaris RZR XP / XP4 / 1000 / Turbo / Turbo S - Litt Industries

Note: The top shelf is needed to use the bottom tray

RZR Compatibility:

FITS: Polaris RZR 2014-2022 XP / XP4 / 1000 and Turbo / Turbo S Models

DOES NOT FIT: 60" / 900 / 1000S Models

Some Compatible Toolboxes:

Organizer - Part No: 48-22-8430

Litt Industries Milwaukee Packout Organizer

Large Tool Box - Part No: 48-22-8425

Litt Industries Milwaukee Packout Large Toolbox

Compact Tool Box - Part No: 48-22-8422

Litt Industries Milwaukee Compact Toolbox


  • Gary Herring

    Recently ordered the Heavy Duty Rigid Tool Box mount and the Ozark Cooler mount, and let me tell you I could Not be Happier. Not only do they look great they perform flawlessly. Great job guys. I think I sold 3 more sets out on the trail for you.

  • Todd Hartkopf

    What is the brand if them anchors that are on your video

  • Rich


    I like what you have. Looks great, nice job! Keep up the great work!

    I already have the rubber feet installed on my Ridgid tool Box for my 2018 RZR XP 1000 Turbo.
    I would only need the 2 metal, 2 anchor, cutouts.

    What would my cost be for just the 2 metal cut outs, unfinished, raw, but smooth, I’ll paint them?

    And do your mounting brackets come with the mounting hardware for the brackets to attach to the RZR? The screw-on’s that were in your video?

    Thank you
    Best Regards

  • Litt Industries

    Hi Jason,

    We sell a kit on our website that can be used to support the bottom of the toolbox. The measurements are 1 1/8" Tall by 1 1/4" wide for reference.

  • Jason

    What size spacers/bumpers are needed at the bottom of the toolbox? I know with most of these types of mounts, people use toy hauler ramp door bumpers, just need to know what size.

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