Best Way to Mount Rigid Tool Box in Rzr

Rigid Toolbox Mounts for Polaris RZR / XP / Turbo - Made in the USA

So you started by looking for a good way to carry your tools with you in your RZR?

Like most of us you've decided that the Rigid toolbox is the best value option available. Now you're looking for the best way to mount your brand spakedy new toolbox?

We were in the same boat just a few months ago and started searching around for options. What we found was a few different styles ranging from ratchet straps to drill and bolt in ear type mounts. We even saw a complex DIY rail contraption that was titillating but expensive and heavy.

Little else to say other than we weren't sold on what we found online. This is why we got to work on designing a secure and easy-to-use mount that could easily be removed quickly.

Our mount grabs onto the slots on the outside of the toolbox and anchors in on the other side with the easy to use lock n ride system. But there was one problem! The lock n ride anchors were a pain in the you know what as they would just fall out once you loosened the top handle.

To fix the problem we even made our own lock-n-ride style anchors that would create a stud-that-stays and allow you to install or remove your toolbox in 60 seconds or less. Simply install the anchor, tighten the bottom bolt and you're done!

Improved lock-n-ride anchors for Polaris RZR / XP / Turbo / Ranger



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