Maglight Glass Breakers

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This glass breaker is built out of high strength aluminum to create a rugged and long lasting product. Which will keep punching through glass for decades. The conceal cap on top protects the tip from surroundings and bodily harm.

Size: D Cell Glass-Breaker

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Included in the Box

Tactical Bezel


Year Warranty


Billet Materials


Break free from danger with our glass breaker in hand!

Steel Tip Glass Breaker

Our billet aluminum housing is equipped with a steel tip glass breaker that has been integrated through pressing, ensuring durability and longevity. This glass breaker can withstand heavy usage while retaining its effectiveness over time.

Protective Cap

Not only does our protective cap keep your glass breaker safe, but it also helps prevent accidental injury. The cap covers the sharp tip of the glass breaker, reducing the risk of injury if it accidentally brushes against your skin or clothing.


Crafted using premium materials like 6061-T6 billet aluminum and stainless steel, our glass breaker is built to last and offer exceptional durability. It is designed to withstand heavy usage while maintaining its effectiveness over time.

Designed & Developed in Mesa, AZ

At our cutting-edge facility in Mesa, Arizona, we have painstakingly designed and developed the ultimate high-power Maglite bulbs and accessories. Using the latest technology and the highest quality materials, our expert team has created a product that exceeds all expectations in terms of brightness, durability, and performance. Experience the difference for yourself and discover what sets our Maglite bulbs apart from the rest.