Jan. 3 2023

Introducing the Ridgid Gen 2.0 Toolbox Mount

Introducing the Ridgid Gen 2.0 Toolbox Mount
If you're an avid off-roader, you know that storing and securing your tools is crucial for safety and space optimization. That's where a trusted toolbox mount comes into play. 

 What is the Ridgid Gen 2.0 Toolbox?

The Ridgid Gen 2.0 toolbox is a versatile, weather resistant storage box that is also compatible with any Gen 1.0 box. This heavy-duty toolbox can hold up to 50 pounds of your tools, equipment and supplies. It’s durable, so it’s built to last through the trails with you.
The Gen 2.0 Toolbox has heavy duty latches for added security and an integrated handle for easy removal – all while keeping everything secure in transit and during off-road adventures! The lid also lifts up from both ends of the toolbox making it easy to access your tools.

 What is the best toolbox mount?

When it comes to off-roading, the most important thing is being prepared. It's a given you'll have your vehicle, but what about all of the tools necessary for repairs on the trail? Where do you put those tools when you go four-wheeling? A good toolbox will keep everything organized so that it's easy to find what you need, when you need it; but finding a mount to strap down that toolbox that works well with UTV's isn't easy. Until now! 

The Best toolbox mount for the Ridgid Gen 2.0

Litt Industries has been in the off-road accessories business since 2016, and we are launching our newest product, The Ridgid Gen 2.0 Toolbox Mount. It consists of American made steel, making it extremely durable and it's weather resistant. Also, did we mention it's made in America?
  • It's only compatible with the Ridgid Gen 2.0 medium size toolbox.
  •  And it's only compatible with the UTV bed for the XP and the PRO XP.
When it comes to bringing toolboxes and coolers on the trails with you nothing beats having a hassle free and worry free way to mount them into your vehicles. That's where our trusted mount comes into play. Here at Litt Industries we strive to create the most innovative mounts for your off-roading needs and we have just the thing you've been looking for. 

Get yours now!

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Dont forget to pick up our Stud Lock n Ride Tie Down Anchors and check out our upgrade Billet Six Shooter Ancor Knobs! The Studs are necessary for installation and not included with our mounts. 


It’s time for you to get out there and enjoy the great outdoors now that you have a secure way of transporting all of your essential tools wherever you go.

The Stud
The most secure lock n ride anchor. Period. Our 3 piece design locks in place securely allowing for coolers, toolboxes, etc... to be tied down. Install once and enjoy a stud-that-stays.


Get More Utility

Add our Billet Anchor Knobs for tie down capability or just because you like the look!

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