Billet Rock and Dome Lights

Billet Rock and Dome Lights

Litt Industries Billet Hex Rock Dome Light Off Road Lighting

The Ultimate Rock Light

Are you planning an off-road adventure or a trip to the Sand Dunes but worried about visibility while driving in the dark? Look no further! Our Hex Billet Rock Light series is your perfect solution. Off-road enthusiasts trust these durable and efficient lights for their rugged construction and bright lighting. Whether you're driving on bumpy terrains, ripping around sandy dunes, or going through muddy trails, our Billet Rock and Dome Lights can withstand harsh conditions.


Billet Rock and Dome Lights for Off Roading Litt Industries Polaris Can Am RZR Instructions

Easy Installation

 Installing your Billet Rock and Dome Light is incredibly hassle-free. We've created a 1:1 Drill Decal Template, which is all you need to install the lights quickly and easily. We offer various mounting options, allowing your off-road light to be mounted easily to your UTV, making it versatile for different terrains. We offer 2 types of housings, flat and 1.75" radius. 

Hex Billet Rock Dome LED Lights 600 lumes off roading lights rzr polaris can am utv litt industries

Superior Brightness

Our Billet Rock and Dome Lights are not only stylish but also incredibly bright. With 600+ Raw Lumens these lights emit powerful illumination that make it easier to navigate in dark areas or at night. Our lights are made of high-quality materials and will last for years of your off-road adventures. Thanks to its compact size, it can fit perfectly in tight spaces without compromising its performance. Our lights also come in a variety of colors. You can choose from White, Yellow, Blue, Red, Green, and Purple! 

Hex Billet Rock Dome LED Light 600 lumens off roading lights litt industries polaris rzr can am off road lighting rzr 900 utv

In Conclusion

Are you tired of compromising your off-road adventures due to insufficient lighting? Billet Rock and Dome Lights are your solution. With their superior construction and powerful illumination, they can help you navigate your journey with ease. Our versatile mounting options, easy installation and high-quality billet aluminum build guarantee a reliable off-road experience. With our Billet Rock and Dome Lights, you can explore the great outdoors and discover your sense of adventure in a safe and illuminated environment.


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