litt industries hex billet aluminum rock dome led light with over 600 lumens of output comes in 6 different colors and flat or 1.75" housings for easy mounting

Hex Billet Rock / Dome LED Light - 600+ Raw Lumens

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The Brightest Rock Light on the Market

After hours and hours of designing and testing we are proud to say that we now have the brightest rock light on the market. Yes, we have tested many other lights from a variety of different companies.

The Lumen output depends on the color of the light, but our hex billets produce over 609 actual lumens of light at a minimum.


Mounting Options

Mounting Brackets
litt industries billet aluminum 600 plus lumen led rock dome light brightest on the market includes sticker for drill template and drill tap


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litt industries hex billet rock dome light light output render visual 360 degree rotation

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