Our Story

Our team is based in Mesa, Arizona specializing in battery optimized LED lighting solutions. We source every component possible within the United States and assemble everything right here in the Arizona. We stand behind our products and offer a limited 6-year warranty for all of our customers. Our goal is to get you the gear you need so that you can continue to do what you do best.

From the Beginning

Born from a passion to extend your day, continue exploring, and get the most out of life. We began developing lighting solutions out of a garage in Arizona the first week of January 2016. Less than 3 months later we had built a production ready prototype and were off torture testing our creation. Today we are continuing the journey to create innovative lighting solutions and push what is possible.

A new experience

Through our passions, hobbies, and efforts we have discovered that we are not the only ones who aren’t satisfied by current lighting solutions. The biggest issues that we experienced are that lights were too dim, did not offer enough battery life, functionality, and/or were cheaply made. Enter the Litt Stik, our flagship product, and the most versatile light in the world. The light itself offers more functionality than most out there and when paired to our different mounting options the versatility is unmatched.